We’re Actively Purchasing Manufactured Housing Communities

Since inception in 2018, Pioneer has become one of the nation’s most competitive purchasers of manufactured housing communities. If you are a broker or owner and have an opportunity that you wish to discuss, please reach out today for a confidential conversation.

Pioneer Communities takes great pride in its industry-wide reputation for effectuating smooth and successful transactions.

Connect With Pioneer

Start the process by reaching out to us. Whether you are ready to retire or are exploring new opportunities, we are here to make the transition as easy as possible. Reach out via phone, email, or our form below to initiate a simple and discreet conversation with one of our acquisition professionals.

Streamlined Evaluation

Once in touch, we'll conduct a thorough and straightforward evaluation of your community. Our efficient process is designed to provide you with a fair and timely assessment of your property.

Effortless Transition

From paperwork to logistics, our team takes care of the details, allowing you to relax and enjoy the benefits of your hard work. Consider Pioneer your trusted partner in turning your manufactured home community into a rewarding investment.

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Interested in chatting about a deal? Reach out to us today!

What We Look For

We are actively acquiring and developing manufactured housing communities around the country.

Manufactured Home Communities

  • 100+ lots
  • All utility systems considered
  • Centric to growing population and workforce

MHC Development Sites

  • 30+ developable acres
  • Unzoned or MHC-accretive zoning
  • Access to public utilities preferred
  • Centric to growing population and workforce

For Brokers

Pioneer’s success hinges on the long-standing relationships that we have fostered within the brokerage community. Therefore, we are proud to offer an array of loyalty and incentive programs specifically tailored for our network of brokers and deal-sourcing professionals:

Trip For Two!

For any deal consummated above a $10,000,000 gross purchase price, brokers will receive a complimentary VIP weekend trip for two to Miami or Las Vegas, paid in-full by Pioneer.

Broker Investment

Brokers are encouraged to invest alongside Pioneer in the properties which they sell us. Through this initiative, brokers can allocate a portion or the entirety of their commissions into the deal, allowing them to participate in the upsides of real estate ownership.

Listing Resale

To the extent that Pioneer ever elects to sell the property in the future, Pioneer rewards qualified brokers who bring us deals with the opportunity to list and sell the property.


Selling your community is a difficult decision.

You have invested years of time, sweat, and equity, and have built numerous relationships with residents, employees, and vendors.

At Pioneer, we understand the difficulties associated with this process, and we are committed to helping you navigate them.

For this reason, we have developed the Pioneer Purchaser Pledge:

Pioneer Purchaser Pledge

  • Face to face connection. We value the importance of doing business in person. Should there be an opportunity for us to work together, we are committed to meeting with you on-site to tour the community together within 2 days of our first conversation.
  • Growth-oriented. We look forward to meeting with any existing on-site management personnel and giving them the necessary tools and incentives to allow them to grow within the Pioneer organization – we are eager to add any existing employees to our growing team.
  • Your legacy. We look forward to building upon the many years of hard work that you have put into owning and managing your community. We are experts at bolstering curb appeal and are eager to invest time and energy into improvements and upgrades that will ensure that your residents continue to be proud of calling your community “home” for many decades to come.
  • Hands-on operators. We never have and never will view manufactured home community ownership as “passive”. Watching residents enjoy a newly installed playground brings us much joy, and we believe that your residents will share in this joy as we plan for new amenity set installations and other community upgrades for their convenience.
  • Fair transactions. We are committed to structuring competitive offers and reaching the closing table in a timely manner. Our reliable access to capital and our manufactured housing specific expertise ensures simple and easy transactions. References from past sellers are available upon request, and we would encourage you to reach out to each of these individuals to detail their experience in working with us.
  • Institutional execution. Our principals and partners bring decades of institutional real estate experience to each acquisition, which includes implementing best-in-class processes and standards at each community that we acquire.

What Our Sellers Say

Pioneer's principals and partners bring a wealth of experience from the private equity and institutional real estate sectors, ensuring a strategic and results-driven approach to every single investment. Hear directly from past sellers who we have had the pleasure of working with.

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I am willing to recommend working with Pioneer Communities in the sale of your property. We had multiple bidders on this property but ultimately chose to work with Pioneer Communities because they were fair, honest, stuck to their timelines, and were easy to work with. Recently, I drove through the property and am very pleased at how they’ve maintained and upgraded the park, improving its curb appeal to current and prospective residents. I highly recommend working with Nick and Luke in the sale of your property.

Alan W.

I recently sold my mobile home community to Nick and Luke. I recommend working with Pioneer Communities. We remain friends to this day and often share meals when they are in town, which I would say is a rarity between buyers and sellers. I just recently drove through the property that I sold them, and they have done an amazing hob turning it around. I highly recommend working with Nick and Luke in the sale of your property.

Jonathon F.

It was a pleasure to work with Luke and Nick from the start to the finish. They are two of the most genuinely friendly, honest and fair young men that we have ever met and we have not regretted out decision of choosing them to do business with. They made good on their promises to improve the property, which was one of our major concerns when we made the decision to sell. We are impressed with the improvements that have been made and with the amenities that have been added. We still hear from Luke and Nick occasionally and there is no doubt the friendship we developed with them during the sale of our property will continue.

Jacquelyne M.

I recently sold my mobile home community to Nick and Luke of Pioneer Communities. I have sold many properties in the past, and my experience with Nick and Luke was nothing short of stellar. We have kept in close communication since closing, and often speak over the phone, which is rare in this business. In the short two months since they have taken ownership, the community looks entirely different. The care and effort that they put into their communities really shows. I am glad to have selected Pioneer as the purchaser of my community.

Zul S.