Part of the fun of visiting Warren Estates is exploring different places to eat in and around the grounds. There is something delicious available on every corner, from local restaurants and burger joints to charming coffee shops and boutique bakeries, so it can be hard to decide which one you want to try first. Here are some of our favorite dining spots near Warren Estates. If you are looking for an excellent spot to grab dinner or brunch with friends or family, you cannot go wrong with any of these spots.


Bismillah Kabob N Curry Cafe

Bismillah Kabob N Curry Cafe is your go-to place if you are craving Indian cuisine. They serve numerous Indian specialties such as biryani, paratha, naan, and masala. The recommended dishes to try at Bismilla Kabob N Curry Cafe are lamb chops,  butter chicken, and the chicken tikka biryani.

The restaurant also offers meat trays that can serve up to 20 people and have appetizing family combos for up to six family members. If you are eating together with your family, you may want to try the Bismillah Kabob family combo or curry combo. The restaurant also offers food delivery and food catering services.

Southside Grill

Southside Grill is a classic American-style diner that is popular with the local community due to its great customer service and even better food! Southside Grill is a good place to eat with your family and offers various children's menus. They serve various dishes such as sandwiches, steak, fish and chips, Greek specials, burgers, and omelets.

If you are looking for a place to eat in the morning before work, then you can also head down to Southside Grill for their breakfast meals and morning specials which include a senior special meal. They also offer salads and vegetarian meals, side specials, and desserts to cater to a wide range of taste buds.

Ammis Kitchen

Ammis Kitchen is a small pizza joint that sells a full range of pasta, sandwiches, and pizzas. Their pizzas come in four sizes which range from small to extra-large. You are able to personalize your pizza and choose your desired crust choice, toppings, and sauce when ordering.

Ammis is a family-friendly restaurant for dine-in or carryout. You should also try the specialty pizzas in which are both popular and highly rated by the local community. Some of the specialty pizzas include the supreme pizza, all meat pizza, and spicy Hawaiian pizza. Overall, one of the best pizza joints in Warren with affordable prices and a casual dining setting.

Siam Cuisine

Siam Cuisine offers the best Thai and Asian cuisine carefully made for your satisfaction. The food is affordable with great portions size and taste. They offer appetizers and entrees suited for any fan of Asian cuisine!

You can also create your own dish from a variety of ingredients if you select the ‘create your own gourmet’ food option. Some of the popular specialties include Pad Thai, Phuket noodles, Siam chicken wings, and Siam chicken. If you are looking for spicy and authentic Asian cuisine with a variety of flavors and ingredients, then you should definitely try Siam Cuisine.