Are you a Flushing Estates visitor or resident looking for church communities to socialize? The following church communities are renowned for their histories and programs.

Flushing United Methodist Church

One of the most prominent churches in Flushing Estates is the Flushing United Methodist Church. The church has a long history dating back to 1836 when the first Methodist class was formed in Flushing. Over the years, the church has grown and evolved to become a hub of community activities and a place of worship for many people. The Flushing United Methodist Church offers various ministries for children, youth, and adults, including Bible study, Sunday school, and mission trips. They also have a vibrant music program that includes a choir, handbells, and praise bands.

NewLife Christian Fellowship

The church was established in 1992 and has since grown to become a vibrant and dynamic community of believers. The NewLife Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational church that focuses on teaching the Bible in a practical and relevant way. They offer various programs and ministries, including small group studies, youth groups, and Sunday school.

St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church

The church was founded in 1961 and has since become a welcoming community for Catholics in the area. The St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church offers various sacramental and religious education programs. They also have several ministries, including the St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Knights of Columbus, and the Altar Society.

Flushing Community Church

The church is an evangelical congregation that is committed to helping people develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They also have a strong commitment to outreach and missions, both locally and globally.