If you love movies and you're in Forest Park, Springfield area, there are plenty of cinemas to choose from. Here are the most popular cinemas near Forest Park:

Legacy Theatre

If you want to see live talent in action, then Legacy Theatre is the place to be! One of the oldest theaters in Springfield, this place is brimming with history! Not even 10 minutes from Cambio’s Forrest Park, the Legacy Theatre is the perfect family fun night!

AMC Classic Springfield 12

Whether you go for family movie nights, date nights, or a girls’ night out, AMC is the best place to go! With comfortable seating, a wide spread of food and drink choices, and friendly staff and management, AMC has all of the best features in one cinema! Not to mention it’s only 20 minutes away from Cambio’s Forrest Park!

AMC Springfield 8

AMC Springfield 8 is a popular option for people near our Forrest Park Community! With upgraded seating and an open bar, there is plenty to enjoy! Not to mention the great food options and reclining seats!