Are you looking for cool and comfortable cinemas near Holiday Estates where you can unwind and have a fun time with your loved ones? Below is a list of amazing cinemas you can check out for the most exciting movie experience you can ever imagine.

Emagine Canton

This cinema is a blend of luxury and affordability. They offer gourmet concessions, stone-fired pizza, reserved seating, and 3D and Dolby Atmos screens. This cinema offers you a kid-friendly atmosphere and a unique viewing experience which you would definitely want to go for over and over again.

Phoenix Theatres Laurel Park Place

Phoenix Theatres is an amazing place to visit with friends and family. They offer an amazing selection of movies, a very comfortable reclining seating arrangement, and a nice and clean environment. And the perks? You get the opportunity to order your tickets online and reserve your seats!

MJR Westland Grand Digital Cinema 16

This is another cinema where you will have so much fun and are assured of great value for your money. The movies are always up-to-date, and the cinema has a calm, clean, and serene environment. Perfect for friends and family to hang out and just relax.

Phoenix Theater Classic State -Wayne

Looking for a very comfortable and exciting movie experience? Then you should give this theatre a try.  The cinema is situated in a clean and serene environment, with recliners that allow you to enjoy your favorite movie in the most comfortable position you could ever imagine. Let loose and unwind with the movie of your choice.

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