Buying a new home can be both exciting and stressful! After spending countless days and nights scouring the web to find the right size and fit for your budget and location, you may feel burnt out. Manufactured housing communities make it easy to find everything you’re looking for and then some! Manufactured housing is an affording solution to getting the home you want at an affordable price. Here at Cambio Communities, we’re here to help you determine if a manufactured home is right for you.


What is Manufactured Housing?

Understanding manufactured housing is the first step towards getting the home you want. Manufactured homes are prefabricated housing units that are largely assembled in factories that are later transported to sites of use. A manufactured home may be constructed either primarily or entirely off-site before it is moved to the piece of property where it will be set.

Living in a manufactured housing community offers residents lots of benefits. Manufactured homes tend to be more affordable, making them great for young singles, couples, and retirees. Additionally, prospective homeowners looking to build their own homes find that the cost of construction per square foot tends to be significantly less for manufactured homes than for traditional homes constructed on-site.

Most manufactured housing communities also offer the benefit of community facilities like swimming pools, parks, and other communal spaces. 

Quality of Manufactured Homes

High quality manufactured homes are made possible with the right team in place. Cambio Communities is especially proud to build manufactured housing units of exceptional quality in various locations across the U.S. Some manufactured homes have manicured lawns and garages, as well as Energy Star appliances and HVAC systems. These days, builders can personalize manufactured homes more than ever before. Granite countertops and hardwood floors are just a couple of examples of what you can choose to add on.

Efficiently Built

One advantage of manufactured homes is that there is minimal opportunity for mistakes on the assembly line. Additionally, weather delays and other variables that may impact on-site built homes don't have the same detrimental effects. Manufactured homes have a supply inventory, so even when construction is at its peak and supplies are running low, manufacturers will continue to produce and meet delivery deadlines. As a result, project delays are less frequent. Efficiency also leads to a faster turnaround; manufactured homes may be factory-built in a matter of weeks, compared to months for a site-built home.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to efficiency in construction, manufactured homes are also high in energy efficiency. Today's manufactured homes are both secure and energy-efficient, which helps homeowners save even more money. This is the best option for many homebuyers looking for a stable yet affordable home, since it is a low-cost investment with the potential to increase in value.

If you’re considering manufactured housing for your next move, Cambio Communities can help! Start your search for a manufactured housing community that meets your lifestyle preferences today. Feel free to contact us to get started.