By taking part in regular moderate physical activity like a daily stroll, you can look forward to enjoying numerous health benefits including a reduced risk of stroke and heart disease. If you are looking for parks and scenery spots near Cottonwood Cove, Springfield, IL by Cambio Communities to get some exercise while enjoying gorgeous views, here are several areas to explore.

Health Benefits of Recreation

We all know that maintaining an active lifestyle is beneficial for us. This does not necessarily mean that we have to participate in daily strenuous exercise and overexert ourselves. Taking a stroll or walking around a park while breathing in the fresh air can also have many positive effects on our overall well-being. Apart from reducing the risk of developing various illnesses, we can also maintain an ideal weight and improve our bone and muscle development. Staying active has also helped many people enhance their social health, increasing their self-awareness and confidence while reducing feelings of depression.

Parks and Scenery Spots Near Cottonwood Cove

  • Southwind Park

An ideal park for the whole family. Beautiful flora line the pathways, and plenty of seating and picnic areas are available for get-togethers.

  • Washington Park

Immerse in an organic landscape designed with beautiful flora and intriguing fauna coming together for a scenic natural ensemble.

  • Iles Park

Kids will love this park equipped with a playground and natural walkways.

  • Lincoln Park

Take a relaxing stroll by the lake, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the breathtaking view.

  • Lincoln Memorial Garden Nature Center

Hike across 6 miles of natural paths with plenty of shade.