Recreational activities are not only rejuvenating, but if planned properly, they may also increase our creativity and productivity which are crucial in helping us achieve our goals. There are many recreational activities that you can take part in with your family. If you have just moved to Ionia County, MI, here are several popular parks and scenery spots near Sherwood Forest by Cambio Communities for you to explore.

Taking Some Time Off for Recreation

According to studies, taking time off the job can be good for your physical and emotional health. Vacationers who participate in recreational activities that make them feel happy can experience reduced levels of stress, a lower risk of heart disease, a more positive view of life, and greater determination to accomplish their goals.

Parks and Scenery Spots Near Sherwood Forest

  • Ionia State Recreation Area

An ideal spot for family camping trips. It is a quiet area and comes equipped with picnic tables, fire pits, and hiking trails.

  • Bertha Brock Park

A huge park that has various layers of flora and fauna. Patrons can enjoy a tranquil walk among nature and enjoy breathtaking views of the surroundings.

  • Harper Park

A quaint park located on Bayard fitted with a playground, pavilions, and a ball field. A perfect place for birthday parties or get-togethers.