If you are new to Highland Hills finding the right veterinarian whom you can trust in their level of competence might be daunting. This is quite understandable, as you only want the best for your pet, so we've compiled a list of pet veterinarians near Highland Hills that you can trust to do a great job of taking care of your dear pet.

9 Tel Animal Hospital

This is one of the most amazing pet hospitals you could ever visit. Established in 1969, this wonderful animal hospital is known to offer extensive care for small animals and give your pet the best treatment. They also offer discounts for multiple pet households and a complete welcome package including coupons. 

Animal Hospital Maple Orchard

This is a small animal veterinary practice in West Bloomfield, MI. They offer a full-time pet grooming service and also boarding facilities. They also offer you a full hospital service for your pet, ranging from surgery, general medicine, and much more. The staff are very kind and always ready to help, and you can be sure that your dear pet is in safe hands with them.

Highland Veterinary Hospital

This is a full-service veterinary hospital offering general exams, pet surgery, in-house diagnostics (digital x-ray), vaccinations, and lots more. You definitely want to consider this hospital for your pets’ needs.

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