Pets are popular among Sherwood Forest residents, which include cats, birds, dogs, ferrets, reptiles and more. When these animals get hurt or sick, the following pet veterinarians near Sherwood Forest will provide exemplary service.

Sterner Veterinary Clinic

This animal hospital is also open from Monday through Saturday and has a user-friendly website that pet owners can use to contact the staff, ask questions, and make appointments. They specialize in smaller animals and offer services such as anesthesia, pharmaceuticals, dental care, surgery, diagnostics, and various forms of therapy.

Customers who want to get their animals microchipped can do so here. They give indispensable recommendations regarding flea control and dietary planning. Like many veterinarians, they also provide boarding services for pet owners who must leave town for vacation or business and cannot bring their pets with them.

Sherwood Forest residents can rest easy knowing that they have access to top-quality pet veterinary services. The Countryside Veterinary Clinic and Sterner Veterinary Clinic are both open six days a week, and offer a range of services to keep pets healthy and happy. From wellness checkups to emergency care, these clinics provide excellent care for all types of pets.