Animals are vulnerable to various diseases, some of which can be difficult to detect early on. This is why these established pet veterinarians near Spring Harbor can help diagnose and treat the pets of local residents.

Snow Animal Health Care

This animal clinic provides six main services: wellness, radiology, dentistry, surgery, vaccinations, and comprehensive care. They can work with many animals, including rodents, canines, felines, and reptiles. Their website is exceptionally well designed. Both new and existing clients can use it to make appointments and even request for RX refills.

Log Cabin Animal Hospital

Log Cabin Animal Hospital is a highly esteemed veterinary service that boasts excellent reviews from its satisfied clients. Renowned as one of the top veterinary services in the area, clients adore the hospital’s log cabin appearance, which exudes a charming and earthy ambiance.

The hospital’s reputation is further cemented by its qualifications from the American Animal Hospital Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association. The hospital specializes in small mammals and offers a comprehensive range of services, from dermatology and allergy testing to hospice care, counseling, and diagnostic testing.

Irwin Avenue Animal Hospital

This facility is full service and highly regarded for its impeccable care. Just a few of the services offered by Irwin Avenue include vaccination, surgery, diagnosis, parasite treatment, skincare, and support for injuries and infections. They have a laboratory in-house and a pharmacy that clients can use to procure vital medications. Their cold laser therapy is impressive, as is the tonometry. They can microchip your pet so that it is easily found if lost.

These pet veterinarians near Spring Harbor offer various services to ensure that pets receive proper medical attention. From Snow Animal Health Care’s comprehensive care to Log Cabin Animal Hospital’s allergy testing, clients can choose a facility that suits their needs. With the expertise of Irwin Avenue Animal Hospital, pet owners can feel confident that their animals will receive the best care possible.