Animal lovers who also happen to be residents of Sylvan Lake will be pleased to know that the following pet veterinarians near Sylvan Lake are always on hand to ensure their pets are in optimal health.

9 Tel Animal Hospital

While this animal hospital primarily focuses on cats and dogs, it can accommodate other animals. The services they provide include surgical procedures, vaccinations, and emergency services. Unlike most veterinarians, who are only available from Monday through Saturday, 9 Tel Animal Hospital offers 24/7 response to severe events. They also provide comfort to those who have recently lost their furry loved ones.

Animal Hospital Maple Orchard

This general practice facility provides advanced animal care, including CT scans, endoscopy, ultrasound, and orthopedic surgery. They have a prominent social media presence on websites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. They can also assist with pet grooming and travel-related services.

Orion Animal Hospital

This veterinary clinic is operated by a team of four doctors with extensive backgrounds in veterinary medicine, emergency care, ultrasonography, and surgery. Their primary services include diagnostics and surgical procedures. They can also perform preoperative screening to uncover various concerns and address them accordingly, reducing the chances of complications. They also prioritize keeping animals comfortable during surgery and afterward, which they achieve through pain control and medication. They favor diagnostics as a non-intrusive method to monitor activity within the body.

Residents of Sylvan Lake have access to top-notch pet veterinarians. The 9 Tel Animal Hospital offers 24/7 emergency services and bereavement counseling. Animal Hospital Maple Orchard provides advanced animal care and additional pet grooming and travel assistance services. The Orion Animal Care Center has a team of experienced doctors that prioritize keeping animals comfortable during and after surgical procedures through pain control and medication. All of these veterinary clinics prioritize the health and well-being of pets in Sylvan Lake.