Royal Holiday residents looking to install a new pool or spa or needing to repair an existing one, can depend on the following pools & spas near Royal Holiday for all their service needs.

Pools & Spas A Go-Go

This family-run business has been in operation since 1965, making it one of the area’s oldest and most prestigious establishments. They offer various spa and pool-related services while selling associated products and accessories. They can perform water testing, where you bring a sample of your pool water to their shop, where their experts will assess it and then recommend the right chemicals to ensure the liquid is balanced. They also work with pumps, chlorinators, and filter tanks.

Jamaican Pool & Spa

This Michigan business has been in operation since 1969. It has decades of experience in pool and spa installation, renovation, and maintenance. They work with both residential and commercial property owners. They will keep your pool pristine and debris-free while inspecting and modifying the water to ensure it’s chemically balanced. They also provide winterization services, including the insertion of antifreeze and line blowing.


Leslie’s specializes in pool services and parts. Their professionally designed website sells everything from automated pool cleaners to chemicals, filters, pumps, and even pool heaters. They have a tips section that makes recommendations for proper pool care and employ bonded, insured, and licensed technicians to work with various pool and spa brands.

Royal Holiday residents can access various reliable and experienced pool and spa service providers. Pools & Spas A Go-Go, Jamaican Pool & Spa, and Leslie’s offer a wide range of services, from installation and maintenance to winterization and water testing. These businesses are dedicated to keeping your pool or spa in top condition, ensuring you can enjoy them for years.