Situated amidst mature greeneries, our Flushing Estates community offers a calm country-style setting. Located in Flushing, the community is also conveniently situated a few minutes drive away from I-475, I-69, I-75, and downtown. With many interesting activities to do such as taking a scenic ride through Huckleberry Railroad, Flushing is a quaint yet exciting suburb of Flint. Looking to go on an exciting adventure in Flushing, Michigan? We have provided a list of top attractions near Flushing Estates to get your planning started for your next trip.

Coffee Beanery Tours

Are you a huge lover of coffee? Great news! The Coffee Beanery Tours conducts free public tours for interested individuals or groups up to the size of fifty participants. Take a trip down the journey of coffee beans from the farm to your kitchen counter. The free tours can last up to one and a half, or even two hours, depending on the size of participants and the number of questions asked. Tours are only available by making an appointment through email.

Flushing County Park

Stretching beyond 105 acres off of McKinley Road, the Flushing County Park is a friendly gem of a park. Ranging from ball diamonds, trails, picnic areas to the playground, pavilions, tennis courts, and even cross-country ski trails, you will be able to find many facilities for your sports or hiking and biking trail needs all in this park! For those visiting with a vehicle, the back loop of Flushing County Park is closed to vehicle traffic every Monday.

Legacy Barrel Ranch

Whether it is your first time getting on a horse or an experienced equestrian, the Legacy Barrel Ranch is a riding arena open to anyone of all experience levels and ages. This is a place for you to learn and become comfortable! The ranch also has barrel races for their visitors to compete in. Even if you do not wish to compete in barrel races, you can also drop by to watch others compete with each other. Legacy Barrel Ranch also conducts group and individual lessons for visitors who wish to learn horse riding.

Almar Orchards

Carefully nurtured and family-owned since the 1880s, this 500-acre orchard provides its visitors a scenic view of the organic pastures, meadows, creeks, and woods. Enjoy the beautiful view overlooking the lovely farm animals, picnic area, playground, as well as a farm market. Growing more than 30 varieties of apples, Almar Orchards produces one of the tastiest apple ciders, J.K’s Scrumpy Farmhouse Organic. This fresh-sweet and fermented cider is made without the use of artificial additives, preservatives, or flavors. It is carefully fermented by using only natural aging to turn Almar’s home-grown apples into refreshing drinks.


After a fulfilling trip across Flushing, end your trip by serving yourself a delicious meal at a full-service “Award Winning” restaurant, Fandangle’s. This restaurant offers an unusual and unique selection of entrees, appetizers, and delicious desserts for its customers. Pair your meal with a selection of Michigan wine to top it off as well!

Land Your Dream Home In Flushing Estates

For those looking for a quaint and quiet community, Flushing Estates may be the best community for you! Are you or your family looking to rehome in Flushing, Michigan? Here at Cambio Communities, we can help you land a dream home in the Flushing Estates community. Keep in contact with us today!