Nestled in the green forests lies Shadylane Estates, a perfect place for a home away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Albeit located near natural landscapes, Shadylane is still conveniently located for easy interstate access that is nearby multiple restaurants, shopping spots, as well as medical facilities.

Shadylane Estates is a popular mobile home community, especially for those with kids as Shadylane is conveniently located in the Fitzgerald School District. Not only that but it is also located near many attractions that are suitable for families to enjoy a day out together and unwind over the long weekends!

Warren Community Center Indoor Waterpark

If your kids love to swim or you are looking to have your kids enroll in swimming classes, then you will be pleased to know that nearby Shadylane is an indoor waterpark that is always monitored by an on-shift lifeguard.

Located at the Warren Community Center, you can also enjoy other activities organized by the center such as Taekwondo classes for your children and much more. The Warren Community Center Indoor Waterpark makes a great spot for parents to bring their kids to learn about new exciting sports and activities, and also serves as a place for kids to mingle about and make new friends in the community.

Breakout Escape Rooms

If you are someone that is always up for a challenge and loves to brainstorm and solve problems, then you will surely enjoy Breakout Escape Rooms, a place with some of the most fun and exciting escape rooms you will experience.

Being the first-ever escape room in Michigan with over six years of experience, you can be sure that Breakout Escape Rooms will not disappoint. Breakout also offers multiple different rooms so that there is something suitable for everyone, such as the Orlando Ghost Zone room for thrill-seekers and the Ringmaster’s Den room suitable for larger groups and corporate events.

It is indeed a unique place to visit and have fun with friends and family over the weekends, all at an affordable rate.

MJR Universal Cinema 16

Movie lovers will find themselves visiting the MJR Universal Cinema 16 often. The MJR Universal Cinema 16 is also known for its free unlimited soda as well as popcorn refills along with discount matinee pricing. 

The theater is filled with comfy recliners and cinema-goers have plenty of films to choose from, it is no wonder that the place has plenty of positive good reviews!

Universal Nonstop Entertainment

If you think that a cinema, escape room, and waterpark are not enough for your adrenaline rush, Universal Nonstop Entertainment offers you a variety of exciting games and activities including laser tags, go-karts, bowling, and even arcade games. With over 50 arcade games for you to choose from, Universal Nonstop Entertainment is a place that you can visit over and over again and still have a new experience each time you visit. Furthermore, it also serves as a great place to throw a birthday party for your kids!

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