The place you call home needs to be special enough for you to feel safe and comfortable. At Cambio Communities, we understand that, and we strive to ensure that all our manufactured home communities are designed to be great places to live. This is true for our manufactured home community of Grand Oaks. We have spared no effort to ensure that Grand Oaks is family-friendly, and the houses are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should live in the manufactured home community of Grand Oaks.

Superb Houses

At the end of the day, you want a great home that your family will be comfortable in. Our manufactured homes meet all the standards that are stipulated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. They also meet all state and local codes that apply to manufactured homes. This level of quality assures you that you will have peace of mind due to the fact that you do not have to constantly worry about home repairs and the costs that come with it.

Club House

At Cambio Communities, we understand that you need a place where you can relax after a hard day of work. Our clubhouse at Grand Oaks is designed specifically for this. It features the modern amenities that you can expect in a clubhouse, such as sporting facilities, a kitchen, and so on. This makes it easy for you to host visitors at the clubhouse as well as organize parties for friends and relatives.

Easy Access to Modern Amenities

The manufactured home community of Grand Oaks lies within easy access to major urban areas. The community is linked to cities such as St. Louis through major highways and avenues. This way, you get to enjoy an idyllic lifestyle while at the same time being able to access modern banking facilities, top-notch education institutions, and much more.

Pet Friendly

At the manufactured home community of Grand Oaks, there is an acknowledgment that our residents need the company of their pets. This is the reason why we are happy to welcome your pet to our community. The fact that our manufactured home community of Grand Oaks is close to public parks means that you have enough space to walk your dog and bond with your beloved pet.

Off-street Parking

At the manufactured home community of Grand Oaks, all our residents get to enjoy off-street parking. For this reason, you never have to worry about not getting a parking spot outside your house. Coupled with the fact that all our streets are well lit, you are assured of maximum security for your car.

When you invest in a home from Cambio Communities, you get to enjoy top-notch housing at an affordable price. Our guiding principle has always been to revolutionize the way manufactured home communities are managed as well as how residents in those communities are treated.