Cambio Communities offers you the right manufactured home community that your family will be proud to call home. Holiday City is located near the city of Jacksonville, in North Carolina. Featuring beautiful grounds and many other amenities, Holiday City is a community that you will quickly fall in love with. Here are several reasons why you should consider investing in the manufactured community of Holiday City from Cambio Communities.

Proximity to Jacksonville City

Despite our love for idyllic and serene surroundings, life often demands that we seek amenities mostly found in urban areas. These include modern financial services, modern healthcare, and so on. Rather than have to choose between urban and serene, Cambio Communities offers you the option of getting the best from both worlds. Holiday City is located just a short drive away from downtown Jacksonville which means that you have access to all modern amenities that you desire.

Leisure Activities

When you are looking to have a quiet time alone or entertain friends, Holiday City has exactly what you need. The manufactured home community of Holiday City is designed to ensure that you have different amenities. These include a superbly designed badminton court where you can enjoy a game with your family and neighbors. The manufactured homes community is also close to public parks where you can enjoy a stroll or a quiet reading session. The parks are also great for a barbecue with friends and family on a sunny summer afternoon.

If you have small children, you will be delighted to learn that there is a children’s play park right within the community. Equipped with swings and other play structures, the play park offers a safe and engaging space for your children to play and learn.

Community Hall

If building a strong community and working together with your neighbors is important to you, you will love the fact that the manufactured home community of Holiday City also includes a community hall. The community hall can also be used for other activities such as parties (especially if the weather does not allow for outdoor activities) and so on.

Storage Space

If you have items that do not fit in your house or garage, you have the option of using our storage spaces that are also located right within the community. This frees up space in your house, allowing you to use the spaces for other things. For example, rather than store things in your garage, you can convert it into a comfortable man-den where you can relax with friends and watch games on TV.

When you invest in a home from Cambio Communities, you get to enjoy top-notch housing at an affordable price. Our guiding principle has always been to revolutionize the way manufactured home communities are managed as well as how residents in those communities are treated.